Cee (Mistress)
The Mistress Case
Terms and Conditions

I. Introduction
I've been reviewing for almost a year now and blogging for less than that. I haven't had any bad experiences with other bloggers or authors, but I will take caution and write out my conditions before I accept a book. Better to be safe than sorry. The agreement has been created so we have an understanding of what's going to happen when I review the book, and how you can help the process run smoothly.

II. Honest reviews are a must
Honesty is the best policy. If I review your book, this means it will be in my own words. No one, including the author, will tell me what to add or take out or claim that my point of view is wrong. If you put the book in my hands, you give me full rights to say what I want about it. I hope you can trust me with this. I'm not out to "troll" you or bash you as a person.

III. If the review is not to your liking
I am not here to flatter you. If I don't like your book, I'll make it clear why int my review. There are good books then there are bad books, and I am sorry if your book falls into the "bad" category. I will not change my review because my opinion is just that— an opinion. If my star rating bothers you, do not take it too seriously. Keep in mind that not everyone will love your book, even Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter -- which are loved by many people— have gotten criticism. You're no different. Also, it is most likely I won't post a review on my blog if I don't finish your book. I might not even write a review. However, even if I do post a DNF review, I have a right to those opinions.

IV. Other social media sites
I will post my reviews on Goodreads and my blog. If you would like me to post my reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, please let me know.

V. We are adults
If you don't like something I've said in my review or don't like a certain aspect of how I post them, don't bash me when you asked for a review. It's your book I'm being harsh on and I won't put up with threats of any kind because I've had friend bloggers who has gotten these and I won't add myself to the list. You're an adult. I am an adult. Let's be professional.

VI. Conclusion
I am not a troll or snob. I may be cruel with my honesty, but I have no intention of tearing your book apart just for an ego-boost. My goals are to read for pleasure, write for pleasure, and spread awareness for your book. If you would like to consider me for reviewing, then contact me by email. Although I can't promise to get to you right away, I can promise that if I accept your book, I'll do it with a smile and an open mind. However, if you don't agree with any of my terms, then I'm sorry to see you go.

Thank you,


Not taking any review requests.


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