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Blog will be inactive for the next couple of weeks or so due to personal matters at home and work. Don't worry. Everybody is perfectly healthy and in one piece. You will still see me around on Goodreads, but I can't juggle blog activity, reviews, and everything with my busy schedule right now.

Until next time!


Nancy Her


Cee named The Mistress Case after Sherlock (BBC with Benedict) and Supernatural (Dean, baby). She writes mainly book reviews. On occasions, movies and TV shows. She reads and reviews in many genres, including fantasy, historical, contemporary, romance, erotica, mystery, etc. She personally rains more love on fantasy and historical romance and hopes you won't hold it against her. Caoi.


  1. Aw! Ok, Cee! See you on Goodreads! Ugh, tell me about it, though. Goodreads and blogging should be full time jobs. Lol!

  2. Hope to see you soon, and good luck with whatever is going on!