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Finished Reads

Faking Perfect by Rebecca Phillips

What I like best about Faking Perfect is the characterization. The story focuses on Lexi’s personal growth and the brave steps she take to “shed her skin.” Rebecca Phillips sheds a very realistic light on the relationships Lexi has with her friends, her mother, and her estranged father. I think that when you read this story, it shouldn’t matter if Lexi is a likable character or not because her characterization is so honest. Which is odd because she’s fake. She acts a certain way around her friends, covers her face with makeup, and wears specific clothes to become “one of those popular kids” and it’s all due to the fact that she has low self-esteem and believes many people are too good for her. For example, someone like her crush Ben. Even though it is never mentioned that she has low-esteem, I believe she does because it’s evident in what she does and says.

With that said, I don’t have anything negative to say about Faking Perfect, except I did skim a paragraph here and there because it wasn’t anything worth reading.

I would honestly love to read a book about Tyler or a book from his pov in order to see his side of things and discover who exactly this bad boy is.

Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

The book is easy and sweet to read. I read it all in one-go in a few hours. I was never exactly bored, but it didn’t keep me completely engaged and excited either. I just feel like something big is missing from it.

My favorite character would have to be the queen. A part of me pitied Queen Deirdre while at the same time I hated her for stealing love and free will from people. It really surprised me that she was also vulnerable and insecure and I loved it because it showed a human side to her. For several moments, I actually wanted Jade and Asher to fail. If they had, I would still like the story. Honestly, I would like the story more if Jade and Asher did fail. It's true. A non happily ever after would have been awesome and different for once.

Overall, Gathering Frost is a pretty neat Sleeping Beauty retelling and I look forward to the author’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Hate Fuck by Ainsley Booth

“A pigeon that lands briefly on the sidewalk in front of me, only to take off again in a huffy flutter of feathers when I don’t slow down. Fuck you, pigeon, I’m rarely likeable. It’s my nature, deal with it.”

Despite the short-lived humor, in all seriousness, there is action and a little angst in the story. Hailey is going through trauma after getting kidnapped in the previous book, and even though she wants to get hot and heavy with Cole, he wants to give her space. Of course, her trauma was also short-lived and everything went back to “normal.”

I think the final third book should have given these characters as well as the plot more time to develop. I wasn’t all that impressed with the ending . . .

Even if Cole did proposed. *swoons* *fangirls* I can’t believe he proposed! It really took me by surprise. I thought he was only going to ask her to move in with him; instead he got down on one knee and I was just like “Oh my fucking god! No! No way!”

Other than that, the steam is nice ;)

DNF Reads

A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz

A History of Glitter and Blood is one of the most confusing, weirdest, and absentminded books I have read this year. It’s unsurprising I am not the only one who gave up on it. Don’t get me wrong. I like weird, but it isn’t the interesting kind of weird. Such a beautiful cover and beautiful title. It’s too bad the story is messy and boring. I don't like using this phrase because it sounds like it's "letting me off the hook" (not this phrase) but . . . "this book is not my cup of tea."

Rook by Sharon Cameron

When you hear someone DNF a book, trust that it is easier said than done.

It is a struggle to try to read a book out of some misguided sense that you are required to finish it.

Therefore, I was more than happy to give up on Rook.

The book will have its fans, but I can’t be one of them.

THE GOOD: I have nothing good to say.

THE BAD: I don’t know what’s wrong with the writing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Is there something wrong with the writing? Is it me? I don’t know. All I know is the book is dreadfully boring. It killed me to have to pick it up and try to finish it at a slow pace.

I can handle not being able to connect to a character. What I can’t handle is when said-character is DULL. All the characters in the book are dull. And the villains? Ha! No— just no.

There is a love triangle. Whyyyy? I was willing to forgive this book for the love triangle, but then the soul-staring— as I put it— started to get on my nerves. Instead of the love triangle giving the book appeal, it only dragged the story out. I can only imagine what the other half of the book is like. Thanks for reminding me why I was reading Rook in the first place because it wasn’t for this.

I didn’t like the amount of POV changes and how it changes. Is it because people these days have short attention spans or something? For example: There is a part where the antagonists Allemande and LeBlanc are in LeBlanc’s private rooms. LeBlanc is brewing potions to “communicate” with his Goddess and the results will supposedly show the Goddess’s answer to LeBlanc’s question. (It’s confusing. I don’t know how it works.) Anyways, the antagonist’s POV ended without much ado and the story goes onto the protagonist’s POV. A few pages later, the POV switches again and we are right back where the antagonist left off. There isn’t anything more for the author to write except the results of what happens with LeBlanc’s little sacrifice, and therefore, a few paragraphs later, the author drops this POV and continues the rest of the chapter with the protagonist’s POV. I, for one, do NOT like how this sequence of events plays out. It’s too abrupt and pointless. If the author’s motive was to keep me interested or anticipated about the outcome, it didn’t work.

ACTUAL RATING: 1.5 Stars because Rook is an absolute bore for me. 1 star doesn’t have value. 2 stars are too generous. I usually try to not rate books I don’t finish, but I once again have to make an exception. Rook was one of my most anticipated books of the year. As a matter of fact, it was in the top five. It’s heartbreaking that almost every single book I’m greatly anticipating more than others are turning out to be the most disappointing. I was genuinely looking forward to being a fan of Sharon Cameron.

THE DECREE: Goodbye, Rook. I’m sending you to Limbo. Cinder and Throne of Glass are there. They’ll be your besties.

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  1. It is always an amazing feeling when you DNF a book instead of force yourself through it. It liberating. Because 90% of the time the ending will dissapoint you as much as the whole book; so not worth your time or energy.

    I love the mini reviews idea btw! :)

    Also, just to let you know I tagged you for a Leibster Award. Don't feel the need to answer the questions (they are kinda silly) but feel free to check out my post here:

  2. Rook sounded so good to me! I'm sorry it didn't turn out well. I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award! Check out the rules on my post: