Review: The Playboy

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The Playboy by Madeline Ash

Published January 21, 2015 by Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed on February 17, 2015

Book Blurb

Wanted: Sexy sun-kissed surfer for hot summer fling.

Innocent Alexia Burton needs to become sexually confident for an upcoming acting role, and that means taking a lover.

Someone she’s attracted to. Someone who’ll teach her what she needs to know, but not ask for more than she's prepared to give. She needs to learn the intensity of true desire and then have him walk away.

Parker Hargreaves is determined to make amends for treating Alexia badly all those years ago. He's changed and wants her to think better of him. If that means letting her sharpen her sexual moves on him, so be it. He’ll do it. His playboy reputation certainly won’t suffer.

He just doesn't count on walking away being so hard.


**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Let me illustrate my initial reaction to The Playboy. It went a little something like this:

“What the fuck? What the hell is your problem?”

“What a major cock.”

“Fucking dick move.”


I was prepared to hate Parker, but I had no time for that.

Parker had clearly changed from the brainless, irresponsible, and lustful teenager he was six years ago. He stopped thinking with his dick and used his brains for the better.

When Alexia returned to her hometown for “research,” she found it difficult to be in his presence or even to spare a glance at him. When she looked at him, she could only see the past Parker. How can you blame her? Even though she was timid, she wasn’t afraid of him, not in the way Parker thought. I like that Alexia wasn’t bitter and thorny, poking at anyone who came near. Angry for a while, yes, but she didn’t raged on about her virtue and played victim, especially the damsel in distress.

Nothing felt forced between Alexia and Parker. The chemistry and attraction felt natural. They felt right together. Though I raise some objection to their "love." The bond was definitely more physical.

I’m comforted that Dee didn’t push the issue with Parker and didn’t press Alexia into using him as a “fling.” If Dee had kept persisting, I would’ve loved to add her to my “bitches-for-best-friends” list.

Overall/Main Thought:
The Playboy was a fast-paced and sweet read with just a twinge of angst to twist your heart. The decisions that led to the pair’s temporary separation were logical. They needed the time to figure out their future without throwing their goals, dreams, and passions into the wind.

The sex scenes had enough steam, in case you’re interested (; and the ending was agreeable. Not theatrical and forced. Alexia and Parker were rewarded with a happily ever after.

Also, there weren't any irritating repetitions in the story and the conflict didn't drag on and on. By the time I was halfway through this book, I was confident I wouldn't hate it.

The author definitely can improved the title. The Playboy gives off a playful and lighthearted vibe and doesn’t suit. This is a book about Parker's present identity, is it not? Obviously, his past identity is an essential part to the story and connects to the title, but The Playboy discredits Peter for the great man he is. The contrast between present and past is evident already.
I also understand "the playboy" is the reputation that Alexia remembered of him and she's supposed to learn that people can change completely, but the title should be worthy of Parker and suit the moral of the story. A title that stands out and is memorable.



3 Stars!

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